Pre-prosthetic surgery

As a non-surgical option, you may choose dentures to replace missing or damaged teeth. However, in some instances, pre-prosthetic surgery is required to ensure an optimal fit of the partial or complete denture.

Types of Pre-prosthetic surgeries

  • Removing excess gum
  • Reducing, reshaping and smoothing of the bony ridge beneath the gum
  • Removing excessive bone
  • Removing impacted teeth that interfere with the seating of the denture

How does pre-prosthetic surgery work?

The goal of pre-prosthetic surgery is to reshape the bony ridge situated beneath the gums. By reshaping the bone, it aims to improve the fit and retention when wearing partial or complete dentures.

Bone smoothing and reshaping

Bone smoothing and reshaping removes uneven and sharp protrusions of bone to improve overall comfort.

Removing excessive bone

If the excessive bone is deemed to be a hinderance to the denture fit, Dr Ranchod will need to remove this bone to improve the way the denture seats.